Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ceramic Frog Kaleidoscopes

I did these from photo of a big ceramic frog.


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful!

The thing that I do enjoy most about them, is that they allow the viewer to enter the piece, and allows their eyes to play, ... to study, ... to take it all in.

Very nice!!

silken said...

I looked at my photo software but don't have this effect. I love seeing the effects you create here!

hope you have had a merry christmas!

kalos_eidos said...

Thank you for your lovely compliments! I love making kaleidscopes!

@silken: I have several photo editing programs, but the kaleidoscope effect is only on one of them, Paint Shop Pro. I'm surprised that more programs don't have it. It's a great feature!

Sadia said...

These are beautiful! Love the colors.